hello there fellow forumer. please help


hello. I’ve been wanting to join the forum for a while now. I finally joined today, but I don’t know how to post replies to a topic. is it something that only basic users can do? I tried posting a reply to the drawing topic, but it’s not letting me post.


I would think that very new users have the ability to reply to topics so I’m not sure why it’s not coming up for you :thinking:

Also, the drawing topic has been flagged down a couple of times today so you mightn’t have been able to post on it cause it was closed.

Welcome to the forum btw! Enjoy your stay!


The drawing topic is just closed. You can post replies still, you have a limited amount this first day.


Also, should we make a new drawing topic? There’s two drawings I’ve been waiting to post all night. And it seems to keep getting closed right after it opens.


Hello! That topic is probably closed, which means that nobody can reply to it. Did it have a lock icon next to the name when you tried to post? Try and see it you can write something on this topic. If you can, congratulations!

If you have any more questions, feel free to reply to me by tapping the “Reply” button on this post (not the one at the bottom of the page). You can also mention me by writing this: @William04GamerA. You can do that in any post or topic.


thank you for your help. I can post replies now, except of course not on the drawing topic @William04GamerA thank you for your help also


nevermind I can’t. I thought I could now but it says they’re pending :///


It is because that you are a new user. It takes some time for your posts to “go out” of pending. From what I can see, your pending count is 0, so it seems like you can post without any replies going into “pending mode” now. Tell me if it still doesn’t work!


test post test post.
test post.


yep it’s working now! thank you! :DDDD


I´m happy to help! Enjoy posting freely on the forum! :slight_smile: