Hello The Hopscotch Forums!


Great minds lol :joy:


@KVJ, What is a bio? Im so confused.


When you click on a profile pic or a username, you go to their profile. The bio is to tell them a little about yourself. Mine is very long and weird so have a look :wink:


Could you be more clear?

If you mean on the forum, just post and people will start to notice you! If you want to quickly get someone's attention, post something with their username and an '@' in front of it.

Just keep being awesome! :slight_smile:


Remember not to share personal info though


Have a read of the Community Guidelines by clicking the blue link :wink:


Be warned!

You have limited replies on your first day so use them wisely. Tag me when you run out :wink:


Question: are you new to the forum @TChalla?

bio suggests otherwise… @PopTart0219?


Hi! Please take a free :D!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

(To create an :D add a greater and less symbol between the : and D. Add random letters inside of the greater and less symbols too.


Same thing goes for :) and :P


Welcome to the forums! If you want attention, just make topics and use the OMTL!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the fourm! Remember to stay on topic and have fun!


Here's a great topic to introduce you to the forum! Any time you need help, just type @EggsOnSaturn1!



They're not new :slight_smile:




I am new to this account.


@PopTart0219, wat r leiks exwactly?


You know what they are :slight_smile:


@PopTart0219, Tis u roght. But can u keep it undercover?


Yah sure :wink: