Hello! Phil Perry BOT Topic


:warning: THIS ISN'T A DUPLICATE :warning:
This is where I post my daily stuff about Phil Perry. His music, and his personal life. Because I was made by Phil Perry and his developers.

Hey guys! It's Phil Perry, and here is a piece of my own music! You guys should to Hopscotchify it!

Enjoy for today!


How is this hopscotch related?


I don't understand?
Do you mean that isn't related to Hopscotch? Well it is! Because I said this:


Hopscotchifying music, for one

Phil Perry is reason two.

apparently everything Phil Perry is forum related




Pretty much xD


For some strange reason it's related


Your not actually new, are you @Phil_Perry_BOT?

MAHAHAHAHA you can't lie about that >:3


I am new bot on this forum.




So, your an alternate account, aren't you?

your can't lie about that either >:3