Hello, Members Of The Forum!



Hello, I would like to tell a little about myself! So first of all, you can just click on my profile picture, And read! But that’s a little bit. So… I am in 5th grade, love to draw anime, dragons, and more ( See my hopscotch account, CatsThatPaint you have to search pokemonPaints and/or click on CatsThatPaint). I also had an extras account. I stopped doing that only because I couldn’t generate 2 accounts at a time. I’m more into art than anything else! And I hope to be just like SG3A! (SuperGirl3Acer) She’s an amazing artist! Thx for reading this!

-CTP :heart:


Hello! Welcome to the forum! To learn more about the forum, say “@discobot start new user.”
I’m going to check out your Hopscotch profile! I’m a Decode, co. on Hopscotch, by the way! Nice meeting you! :smiley:


That’s a lot of topics you’ve created over the past 21 hours when you joined


Hey welcome :D
Maybe instead of making new topics every time you want to say something, just reply on one topic? It will help keep the forum more organized :))


Thanks! I just don’t understand This whole forum thing yet, but I will soon! The @discobot will give me a tutorial!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Ok @discobot start new user ? Okay… I’ll give it a try thx!



i know you

ive seen you on hs and stuff


well welcome to the forum


Hai im Panda Studios

I just want to say welcome!! Please tag me whenever (a.k.a put an @ symbol b4 my user)! All it does it notify me so I can visit your post and assist you and stuff. (In a way it’s like a PORTAL. DUN DUN DUN)


When you’re done with that tutorial, write @discobot start advanced user for a tutorial of the forum’s more advanced features.


cool welcome to the forum see you around


Ayyy I tried anime and I draw dragons NOICe and welcome