Hello.... It's a me!



Hey guys, I know I have left way too many times by now. But I am just going to be checking on the forums and seeing how people are because I have a Google Pixel 2. So I am not able to code any longer on Hopscotch. I will try to get on with every day and help others. I still do get experience in coding for Hopscotch. I will do my best help out people. I will try to code a little Hopscotch program for Android by myself. I will see how that project will end up. It might be successful or it will be like the old versions of Hopscotch. Thanks guys checking out my posts!

  • Peace :v:


Hey! Your back. I’m sorry you can’t plaY hs anymore…


hi please forget anything you ever knew about me

HAI my name is aNDreW and i hAve a shield Tablet and i am a weird person and i actually have decent programming skills now and i made friends and im not lonely because my friends totally dont live five hours ahead of me :,)

how have you been :0


Hi @Phase_Admin! I’ve missed you, so I am happy to see you back at least on the forum!