Hello I'm new


Hello! I used to have hopscotch but I deleted it awhile ago! What is this place? I'm going to get hopscotch again and make a new account. I've been trying to code on scratch but I can't figure it out


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you evet need help, just tag me like this: "@Catface4"

It will show up like this: @Catface4

The forum is an awesome place! On your first day, you have limited replies. Once you use them, you can't post anymore. They do this so robots can't spam the forum. C:


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my Username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I'll come and help you!



Scratch is kind of confusing, as the center is 0 0. But I made some basic stuff with it. (Btw, Hopscotch double tap doesn't work in scratch. :p)



Welcome my new friend, welcome.


Hello hello


Yeah, after coding on hopscotch I found it a little confusing to code on scratch

Also welcome to the forum!:slight_smile:


Sup! What is your Hopscotch username? Would you like to change your forum username to match your HS one? I assume Hello123 is random, but correct me if I'm wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum @Hello123!
I'm @RubyWolf1!
On the forum you can talk about code and other stuff like that.
Have fun!


Welcome to the forum!

I'm iWaffle on Hopscotch, maybe you've heard of me?
Feel free to tag me anytime like: "@BellaWafflez17". I'll get a notification saying that you tagged me :D

Here are some topics you might want to check out:
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Just general forum rules!
The General Drawing Topic
There, you can post your drawings and ask for drawing requests!
The Imagination Topic
There, you can post your Hopscotch stories, choose your own adventures, talk about book-writing collars, and much more
Forum trends, 'cause why not?
Forum Slang (If you want to understand everyone, of course!)
And, if you want to find out how I did all these cool text tricks:
Cool Forum Text Tricks!

Happy Foruming!

Sorry about the long and overwhelming message (////)


Thanks @Catface4! Did that work has a tag thing?

Also thanks everybody else


Sorry that doesn't mean anything to me I don't know u


Thanks that's a long list! I'll check em out


Hello, welcome to the forum!


Hello! This is Hopscotch's forum, where you can share ideas and ask questions :D Welcome here and welcome back to Hopscotch :slight_smile:


Yes. C:


Hi! Welcome to the forum :D
I'm Jamie, or ChocolateFox. If you need any help at any time, just @ me!


Welcome! This is the hopscotch forum. You can ask anything about hopscotch here! If you wanna tag someone just tag using the @ and the user. For example
And it will show up like this: @DragonMc.