Hello I'm new to the forums


Hey guys! I'm Helios! I just joined the forum and I checked a bit of things. Looks like a great community!


So I'm going to use this as my posts because I ran out ;-;


So yeah

  • Hey everyone !

  • Hey @Intellection74 what I mean by "Advanced art mechanics" is that so kinda advanced specific pattern that helps mostly with shape art :D


I'm @PixelMaker. At HS (Hopscotch) I'm The Pixel Maker.
Welcome to the forum


Thanks! This is the friendliest community of all time!


What's your hopscotch username?


Hi, I'm BlastFusion, might of seen my features on the hopscotch app a few times. Welcome, it's a very friendly environment:)


Hoi @Helios!


Helioz :wink:




Welcome to the fabulous forum! This is the place where you can ask for helpful help, give awesome advice, make cool Volans, and meet fiery friends! :DD

Want advice? Here's some!

Trust Levels

There are 5 different trust levels. The first one is new user.

New User:

New users are new. On the first day, they have limited replies, so system (explained later XD) knows they aren't a bot and copies him (also explained later c:) and that the forum can trust you!

Right now your a new user, since it's your first day. Make sure to use your replies wisely! People usually make a topic where they can answer questions in the first post.


Basic user are the level after new user! C: They are trusted after you visit one day, cast one like and receive one like, and post once. All the requirements will be said later.


Members are trusted a lot. They are below regular, and most users here a members. They are people. Yeah, people. XD


They are regulars. There are quite high requirements for this trust level


Leaders can only be manually promoted. They can be promoted by mods and admins.

Mods and Admins:

These are the most trusted people on the forum. They can promote anyone to any level— except for leaders to mods and mods to Admibs. Only Admibs can do that.


Popular Emoticons

Emoticons are really popular here on the forum. Sme of them are...

:D <-- to create that you have to put a <letter> in it.


:3 <-- to create that you have to put a <letter> in it. (sometimes)

:0 <-- to create that you have to put a <letter> in it. (sometimes)

Feel free to ask questions! :DD


I've been here for about 30 minutes and I already got basic


Strange eh?


hey enchy please check my new topic.

Welcome to the forums!
dis is da place to have collabs, higher chances of getting featured, know hopscotchers better, and much more! U can also ask us questions if you need help, you can also make a forum game, and etc.


Danks for da advoice



Hey welcome remember on your first day u only get 8-10 replies


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Hello, @Helios! Welcome to the forum! :D


Oh yeah forgot to say welcome!


Hi! Welcome to da forum!
Here's a list o good topics:


Hi, welcome! Click this text for a helpful forum tutorial!


Ignore this guy, he doesn't mean it, he's just a guy who likes to get people confused.. D:


No, I just like getting post's.