Hello! I'm new(ish)?


Hello! I’m PecanPie! My HS account is -ApplePie-. I was wondering if anyone has any sorta art/coding clubs I may be able to join! Friends are always welcome!


Hello, welcome to the forum!! If you ever need any help just tag me by typing: @lollypopcorn
And I will do my best to help you!!! (^-^)


Hey! Welcome to the forum! This is where you can talk about Hopscotch, get help with code, make collabs, and get to know each other.

I suggest you read the Community Guidelines, they’re very helpful. But if you’re lazy like me, here’s a summary XD

These are really important rules to keep the forum safe and fun, so please read and follow them!

  1. Don’t be mean! This one’s pretty straightforward and I think you’ll follow it pretty well. Don’t argue or start fights.

  2. Respect everyone! If you don’t like a topic, but The Hopscotch Team has approved it, then just ignore it and don’t post on it. Don’t go in there and argue!

  3. No spam topics! Never make random topics that aren’t related to Hopscotch- you can have a General Topic though, which is a topic where you talk to your friends about any random stuff. Also, don’t make two topics for the same thing.

  4. Stay on-topic! Let’s say you’re in a topic about a new Hopscotch update. Don’t start talking about random things in there! Use topics for their original purpose.

  5. Don’t share private info! Your first name, age, gender, and stuff like that are okay, but not your location, full name, school, phone number, or email address.

That’s about it, feel free to tag me if you need anything!

I hope you like the forum!


Hello and welcome to the forum! There are several coding clubs here on the forum. Here are some links to coding club topics:

You can also tap here to check on the groups page for any cool coding groups that are on the forum. Ask them if you can join.


If u like Star Wars I have a coding collab u could join.


I do like SW! I’d be happy to join!


GREAT! The sign up is in a topic here…
Use the search bar to look up Star Wars Collab


Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help