Hello, I'm new here!


Hello! I’m new to the forum, I’m really happy to be part of this community! I’m very happy to be here, on the forum.


Hello! Welcome to the forum! Next time, don’t make the same topic twice. A lot of people get really annoyed by it(I’m fine with it though :grinning: ). Just let the topic be and I promise people will reply in a few minutes. If you ever need my help, i’m happy to help! Just type @FluffyMice and it will automatically give me an alert! :D
Here is a few useful tricks:
• If you want to like /Heart something, click the little heart button underneath this post
• To see your notifications, you click your little avatar in the top right corner.
• if you want to edit your posts, you click the little pencil button underneath it. You might want to do that with this topic or the other topic and change into something else. You could either change into something code related or name it PureExistingLove’s General Topic. If you name it general topic, you can chat about everything! Even things that aren’t code related


Hello there @PureExistingLove and welcome to the forum!


Hi! Maybe you’ve seen this essay before, but I wrote this for new forumers:


It's a delight to have new forumers come! To get started, browse through some of the topics that have already been created to see what the forum is all about.

Things to remember about topics

Since you've made this topic, you know how to create a topic -- that's good news! Creating topics gives you the power to ask questions about coding! You can also make clubs and collaborations, and get feedback or help with your projects. There *are* guidelines for making topics, though -- here are the main ones, to set you in the right direction.
  • Always make topics relating to
    *or hopscotch
  • If you like to get input on your projects, consider making a topic specifically for that, versus making a new topic each time that you want to get suggestions
  • SBYP, or search before you post. Sometimes when you have a question, it has already been answered! Try searching through topics by clicking the :mag: icon up at the top of the page.

How to be a helpful Hopscotcher

When you are on other people's topics -- whether you are helping them out or simply chatting with others (or even learning from others), remember to always be cordial and kind. Even if someone disagrees with you, be respectful of their opinion, and discuss civilly, not irrationally or heatedly. Also, remember to keep your discussion on-topic -- if you're in a coding collaboration, remember to only discuss that coding collaboration, not anything else. Same goes for any other topic.

Places to go when you don't have any ideas for what to code

Sometimes, no matter how great a coder you are, you just don't have any ideas of *what* to make! In that case, check out these links.

Rawrbear’s list is an impressively long source of inspiration!

My list is one that anyone can add to – it’s constantly changing.

This is Yusamac205’s topic of creativity – it has a lot of fun things other than coding ideas!

Forum abbreviations

  • OMTL: Official Mass Tag List
  • THT: The Hopscotch Team
  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • RN: Right Now
  • IRL: In Real Life

This is currently a work in progress – you can help out by adding more sections or suggesting sections. I will credit you! Thank you!

(sorry about adding another notif, Rawrbear and Yusamac)


welcome! i just wanna teach you something i wish i new right when i started. how to say hi without adding something bc of the 20 characters rule. if i say
hi to cheat it and avoid the 20 characters, write gibberish (a lot of it) in these thingys < jeoeuejeiejhsjs> (NO SPACES) but in this thing-< make sure it’s long enough like maybe add 18 letters in there. when doing that, you cannot see it to the right which means u did it and that’s how to avoid it. small text. to write in small text write < small>and write something but make sure it’s touching.( no spaces) and same thing for big. write big in these < > if u have any questions feel free to tag me!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​d de


i am very weird so you might want to stay over there
points to mars


why is this called i’m her new eyes. ?


Hi I am new too!..


Do you know me? Are you someone from RL?


hi everybody. I am EclipseLuna. :):smiley:


nice post thingy @WynterDiamond