Hello! I'm new here!


Sure, why not? Just please give credit to me and @seawolfwerehorse :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome to the forum!


And it will send me a notification!

Hope to see you around!


Welcome to the forums.


Welcome to the forum @HitwomanJ! If you need any help just @ me, like this:


Wow so many new people today! Welcome!! Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


Welcome! I'm Jamie! @ me if you need anything :wink:
BTW, you should probably change your profile picture. You're not allowed to share your face, as that is considered personal info.
Happy Hopscotching!
You might want to check this out:


Oh hi!!!
I love helping new hops!!
Ok maybe you could do a project that you might make??
Your favorite hopscotchers!!!?
When you need help put a @ before my name so I will get a notafaction like this @Paige1212!!


Welcome to the forum!

I'm iWaffle on Hopscotch, maybe you've heard of me?
Feel free to tag me anytime like: "@BellaWafflez17". I'll get a notification saying that you tagged me :D
About your profile picture--is that your real face? If so, we're not allowed to share pictures of ourselves on here. You might want to change it! =D

Here are some topics you might want to check out:
Community Guidelines
Just general forum rules!
The General Drawing Topic
There, you can post your drawings and ask for drawing requests!
The Imagination Topic
There, you can post your Hopscotch stories, choose your own adventures, talk about book-writing collars, and much more
Forum trends, 'cause why not?
Forum Slang (If you want to understand everyone, of course!)
And, if you want to find out how I did all these cool text tricks:
Cool Forum Text Tricks!

Happy Foruming!


'Ello @HitwomanJ! Welcome to the forums! The people above have pretty much covered the basics lol! Have fun :wink:


Hi! Welcome!
Here's a list of really good topics:


Hoi @HitwomanJ!


Just a little reminder, if you don't change your profile pic soon you could be suspended :wink:


They probably won't suspend new users who don't know the rules! :blush:


@HitwomanJ Welcome to the fourm! Here's a tip change your profile photo you're not allowed to have your face on the fourm! :frowning:


Is that really her face? I thought that was a random person lol


Welcome to the forum!!! Tell me if you need anything. @Caroline


It might not be, actually...


It is. ( she said so )


She did? Where, her profile?


Idk I think she deleted the post