Hello I'm new here, some help please?



very ugly


me too


Yeah, sorry I agree with you


Ok but the settings arnt that hard to use.
Als she could have been on antother discource forum

Not saying your point is invalid just its not necacaraly corect


Here you go


That’s was a while ago. No one who isn’t an alt or wants attention does that anymore.




Yeah, but chances are she’s an alt.


Ok but her pfp dont look like it from anything so it probs origanal art and i havent seen that style on the art topic


read her bio

she’s the same as me


Yeah but is it necessary?
I dc




I don’t care tho lmao


lol it’s prob an alt so it doesn’t matter that much


I did that in my first hour and I created hello I’m new topic first


One alt for example

Some of the three leter pepole to


I hate to say this but…some people get offended by non-LGBT supporters

If you ever need anything just tag me @FATTCAT


…and why is it a bad thing to be ofended when someone literly atacks who you are? Its not that we hate pepole for not suportiong us its that we hate pepole for being homophobic, transmysonganistic ect.


? I hate no one

It is okay dude it’s cool


No I have nothing against LGBT! I named myself that bc I cut my hair really short and everyone thought that I was transgender and trying to be a boy… but I have nothing against anyone who is, it was more of a joke at school :slight_smile:
Also thank you everyone who helped me with all of the tips they were super helpful!