Hello I'm new here, some help please?



i got first!!!Btw nice furs5 post m8 e was like one sentence


Hi! I’m Cg75 and it’s nice to meet you! :D
Anyway you can tag me if you need help with anything. Like (@cg75) but there are a few topics that you should read but someone else may tag them! Imma look for them lol
But it’s a great place
And nice to see you here :wink:


Here’s a topic about the forum at the moment btw


Yes i like lotor
Welcome to the forum


hey lily! welcome to the forum!!! ;D if you ever have anymore questions or need more help feel free to tag me!


Hello @NotLGBTLily! Welcome to the forum! I hope that you have a great time here, and I am sure that you will! This topic is the one that I consider really good for new users on the forum, although there are lots of other amazing topics as well:
Must Read for New Users!


She’s an alt.
Definitely. I can smell it (figuratively).


yeah me too


Thank you, @William04GamerA for recommending my topic! It is a good one, if you would like to check it out!

Welcome to the forum, @NotLGBTLily
We love having new users! Be sure to check out some of the other awesome forumers that replied to this topic! They are all amazing!!!
Make sure you start off by reading some of the topics in each of the categories like Meta-Forum, and Meta-Hopscotch! It will give you a great chance to see what people like to make topics about! Also make sure you like and comment on a few of them! Get yourself used to the forum and the forum used to you!

You can use this cool forum feature, discobot, to help you! Make sure take the discobot tutorial, which can help you out quite a bit. Make sure you tag discobot using the @ sign to use this feature!! You will receive a cool badge when you take the tutorial! To begin this feature, post this on any discobot testing topic: “@ discobot start new user”

Lastly, be sure to tag using the @ sign if you have any questions! (@Swati_Bang) this works for any forumer and basically just notifies them and directs them right to the post where you tagged them! If you ever just need to talk, or have a SUPER important question, be sure to tag me!!!



I like lotr

Not as much as you probably but it’s cool


Excuse me, but why is your name @NotLGBTLily
Idk, it sounds a bit rude towards LGBT
Anyways, if you need any help, tag me like this @yaygirls


Because not everyone is gay


I know that, but it seems unnecessary to add that to your title


Wow people are so sensitive these days

Like, 90% of all words are considered offensive even if they aren’t meant in an offensive way


Reasons why she’s an alt:

  1. In >20 hours, she figured out how to change her profile picture and user card background. She also created a bio, which no one does in less than 20 hours!
  2. Her name. NotLGBTLily? Really? Only someone who has been on the forum before would know that the LGBT community is a popular topic on the forum.
  3. Most alts create a “Hello I’m new topic” as their first topic. You can easily find one but you make one because you want people to think your new.

No offense meant.




I am herby offended mehaps

@TriggerWarning @TriggerPolice

Don’t get @Lisa triggered, it could get ugley


Yeah. People are. It’s kind of annoying, right?


I seem to recall doing that when I first joined, just a few minutes after I joined.


very ugly