Hello, I'm new, guys


Hello, I’m new to this forum.



HI I’m fatcat!
I’m sure you’ll have a great time on the forum if you have any questions tag me @FATTCAT


Hello! Welcome to the forum
Please make sure to keep all your topics related to HS (hopscotch)
Unless it’s a general topic
General topics are chat topics and they don’t have to be related

To tag someone just do this: @Lisa1045
Tag me if you need any help!


Hello welcome to the forum! If you need any help just tag me @HopscotchRemixer


I’m tired




Ok I deleted don’t woryr


Hello. <hello does this get rid of 20 characters>


What happened, then? I don’t get offended easily.


hey hi hello welcome


Welcome to the forum


Welcome, @lqo
I am Swati_Bang! If you have any questions or need a friend, tag me using the @ sign (@Swati_Bang)
Make sure to check out the latest tab on hopscotch and look at some topics people make! Like/comment on a few to get a feel for the forum. Make sure you get used to the forum and let the forum get used to you!
All of the other forumers who introduced themselves are really awesome ones, so make sure you tag them with questions as well!!


Hello welcome to the forum! If you need any help or have questions tag me at @TheCMStudios


It disappears without numbers.


Hello and welcome to the forum @lqo! I hope that you will have a great time here talking to other Hopscotchers. If you need any help, feel free to write @William04GamerA in a post or tap the “Reply” button on this post. That will send me a notification so that I can help you. Once again, welcome to the forum @lqo!


Frick it’s xse


We need to make a list ugh


Whait auctaly or are you joking?


His signature thingo is a 3 letter username