Hello! i'm new! :DDDDDDDD


hello! i’m rainwoman! i just joined the forum bcuz i lost the app so… :////

anyway i’m still a little confusedd i guess. i did a tutorial thing so i’ve got the basics (i think) so if you have any tips please tell me! :DDDDDD



Welcome new friend I’m Fattcat
Just ask if you need anything


welcome to the forum


I’m doubting you’re new…



all these annoying alts…


Hi, welcome to the forum, I’m Mark and I’m with my friend Adam in my profile picture.


and u wonder why ppl think ur a guy


lol ok


Hey hey hey it’s me, the fandemiboy


Welcome to the forum!


Hello @RainWoman! Welcome to the forum! I almost always recommend this topic for new forum users:

It has lots of helpful topics and information for new users!


Welcome @RainWoman
By tutorial, do you mean the discobot first user tutorial? If so, that is a great one to start with!
You know how to create a topic, which is great! You can create topics to ask questions and to give helpful advice and tutorials!

Liking and replying are super easy to do! Just check out some of the latest topics under the Latest category, and spend some time clicking the heart below every post (posts are known as replies) adn topics! You can also reply to a topic by clicking the reply button!

Don’t fret if your account is put on hold for a bit! That just means that no THT member viewed your new profile yet, and since you are having so much activity they want to put your account on hold so they can monitor it, and then soon you will be good! I have had to go through this process, so be sure to let me know if you have any questions about this! (You can tag me using the @ sign- @Swati_Bang. This sends me a notification and leads me directly to the post that you tagged me in!)

(PS- Thank you @William04GamerA for constantly recommending my topic!)


Hello and welcome to the magical place of your dreams!


Well, I should thank you for making such an awesome topic! :slight_smile: