Hello I'm new can I have some help



I have no idea what I’m I’m doing I have hopscotch so I thought that I should get the form. My hopscotch is CrystalCats&DimondDogs. I want to share my drawings I have done in real life


If you need help navigating the forum, just put an @ in front of mu user, panthera
tag me at @Panthera


Doing this < a> gives you blue text. Do this < /a> to end it.
Doung this < sub> makes text smaller.


Hey @AwesomeKid69
just tag me with the @ sign if you ever need help like this!
@Paige1212 then i will get a notification!
Have fun exploring the forum more!!
And remember if you are creating a topic remember it has to be hopscotch related!
And dont create to many non hopscotch related or the same topic another hopscotcher created because it might clog up the forum!
Also if your post isn’t 20 characters you do this with NO spaces < ososjddkldoekddjjdjdjdjd > (pretty much just random letters
And if you post unhopscoth related stuff you can post it in a genral topic which is more were you chat with other forumers and post announcements and more so you don’t post them in separate topics

Here are some cool topics


http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/drawing-on-paper-compared-to-an-ipad-shading-shaping-etc-topic-13-official/38963?u=paige1212 (If you post drawings post them here)


Hi, CrystalCats! I’m DaughterOfHades, if you need me, just make the ‘@’ symbol and put my name next to it, like this - @DaughterOfHades.
If you want to tag everyone on the forum, do this - @ OMTL (without the space). Only use this for important topics.
When you make a post, you may get a pop-up that says you have to have at least 20 characters - when this happens simply do this < and fill inside it with any text, as long as there are no spaces >
Here are some topics you may want to check out:

If you want to post your drawings, I suggest you post them on this topic:
Have fun forumming!


Hello! I’m DMF, the community president (for now)
Welcome to the forum!
Here you can discuss anything Hopscotch-related (preferably). To tag someone, just type “@” and then the name of a user you want to tag.
Here’s an official topic of the Hopscotch Forum guidelines:

By the way, your posts need to be Hopscotch-related. Remember this when you’re posting!
When you create new topics, feel free to tag @OMTL, but make sure not to use it too often.
If you need help with the forum, feel free to tag me, our vice (@sophia71205) or these users:
Have fun!


Welcome to the forum! A lot of our friendly other members posted really good forum tutorials. I recommend you to check out those!


Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum, @CrystalCats! :smile:

The forum is a great place to connect with other Hopscotchers, get/give help, and have fun!

You change check out our guidelines here: Community Guidelines
Here’s some tips on how to use the forum: Need Help on the Forum? Click for a Forum Tutorial!
And this is a great place to share your drawings: Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]

If you have any questions or need any help with anything about Hopscotch or the Forum, you can ask me by putting an @ sign in front of my username like this: @SmileyAlyssa! :smiley:


Yes, welcome!
Here are some more links to get you started in this wonderful community!

Also, you can just type:
@discobot start new user
to begin a quick tutorial on the forum’s features.


This is so small you can’t see it!


Helpfull tip: if you run into charecter limet than do <ubiubiubihbojnoinoin> or something like that to incresse charecter count.
(You can’t see it in a post i just used something to disrupt it)




Hello @CrystalCats if you need any help you can just tag me @HopscotchRemixer


Hi @CrystalCats! I’m bad at stuff so i cant help much but i came to say



Hey @CrystalCats!! Welcome to the Forum! I’m Kitkat26. If you ever need anything, just put an @ sign in front of my name like this: @Kitkat26


tag me for help
this is my new account ;D


Hi @CrystalCats! Here’s some tips on hopscotch. Never give up. It doesn’t matter if people judge you. Don’t beg for likes. If you do. It’s just annoying. Try new things. Think about the code. And lastly welcome!