Hello! I'm CatWithABrush!



Hello! Welcome to the forum, @CatWithABrush! :D

Here's a few helpful topics!

I also suggest looking at the FAQ for more info on some rules and the forum. :D


Welcolm to da Forum!
Click dat blurred text!
Be sweg, leike me and mai frens.:wink:


Welcome to the forum @CatWithABrush! If you ever need help tag me, by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds, it gives me a notification, and I will come and help you!


Welcome @CatWithABrush!! Tag me anytime you need help!!

Like this: "@KVJ"


OMH Senpai ha joined the forum ahhhh!

Welcome! :D

If you need help, just tag me like "@Candycane"


Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Here's a list of good topics:


Welcome! The forum is so awesome! If you ever need any help, tag me like this- @EP125 and I'll be ready to help!


Thank you all! I will tag you, if I need!


Great to hear!

Congratuverylatetions btw oh the feature!


Another thanks!
I still can't believe it :000


Believe it please :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it's awesome and THT seem to agree :wink:





I'm trying
Goes to Hopscotch
Checks Featured
Repeats 100 times
I'm trying


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :D


Just keep trying just keep trying!


Hi! I love your art, welcome to the forum! If you draw good on paper, or want to post more of your Ipad drawings, go to this topic http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/drawing-on-paper-compared-to-an-ipad-shading-shaping-etc-official-3/20737?u=potter_head


Welcome to the forum! I love your drawings! :D

Congratulations on the feature, by the way! :D


Welcome! You can @GysvANDRegulus for help, which I'm always free to give!
Congrats on the feature btw!
Here's an unfinished thing:
Welcome to the Hopscotch forum, @CatWithABrush!
There are a lot of things you might need to know, and I want to help you know them!
First of all, you have limited posts, flags, deletes, and likes. The maximum starts out really small, but then it grows and grows every time you increase in rank!

Yep, there are ranks.

You start without any, but it's really easy to get to rank 1 and 2! You just have to read a few topics and posts, and maybe post a few replies! Every increase in rank you get a new privilege, like the ability to @ or mention unlimited people!
Rank 3 is somewhat harder to get to, since it's based off the last 50 days or so you've been on the forum. Replies, likes, flags, and the topics and posts you've read count in this! You can lose this as well, so if you're rank 3, you still have to keep your behavior up! On the positive side, you're introduced to a new category called "Lounge", which rank 2 and below can't see. You also can recategorize topics and change their titles!
(A serious) rank 4 can only be achieved if Liza, one of the members of the Hopscotch Team, or another admin promotes you. If you don't know what the Hopscotch Team is, it's the creators of Hopscotch! You can edit anyone's posts or topics, and even close or open topics! Topics are closed for many reasons, like offensiveness to the majority (yep) or because they were solved. Rank 4 can also make topics invisible and add and take away posts from different topics!
You can also become a moderator, which also can only be achieved by being promoted by an admin! You can do almost everything, except for promoting other people to mod or higher and a few other things.
Admin is the highest rank, and is impossible to get to unless you're in the Hopscotch Team. They can do everything on the forum!
You can check the mods, admins, and the forum stats with this topic!
You can also check the leaders with this!
I hoped this helped you with ranks!


Sup let's be frens (quote this by replying to it than clicking the speech bubble on the top far left)


Hello there.