Hello I'm back to hopscotch


Hello guys! I'm back and I'm working on a project that I will try to get out soon, it will be my most well scripted project yet here's some details if u actually care xD

When you get on the game there's a loading screen the As it loads it goes it gets more detailed and gives the feel as your going into the future.

The games called Laser Point and is a futuristic target game that you get points every time u play and you buy upgrades as you go but the end goal is to get enough points to buy all the parts of the time Machine to go back to your own time this will be released ASAP but know that I'll be constantly working on it. @Liza I also have a question about maybe a saving feature on this game where it saves stats? Because it will take multiple hours to complete game. And I want people to be able to keep their stats.


Your lucky I am sad I never got on featured


Hey haven't seen u around in a while.......-face palm- u just said u were gone!


This sounds amazing!! Unfortunately there is no way to make saved data in hopscotch currently, it would cost THT a lot of money and extra time to run a server for saved data. Hopefully in the future this will be a feature!