Hello, I am new


I just joined the forum. I did the discobot thing but I still need a bit more help

Hello I'm new here, some help please?

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome! So what do you want to know?
I’ll be more than happy to help :)))


How do you fill the charecter limet?


Doing this
Quote this (press the speech bubble for an example)


Oh ok. Thanks!


No problemo


Hey welcome to the forum! If you need any help just tag me at @TheCMStudios


Ok! Are there any topics that I should be on?


You can just go explore different topics and talk to people. It has to be related to the topic unless it’s a general topic. You can create a general topic or find one and talk there


Yeh like cms said. You should explore recent topics. You can’t go onto most general topics though because they are in the #random-stuff category and you have to have visited 15 days or something the veiw them.


My GT is open to anyone


Hello @GreenBoi and welcome to the Hopscotch Forum. If you ever need any help, write like this: " @William04GamerA " in a post. That will send me a notification so that I can help you. You can see your notifications if you click on your profile picture.


Ok thanks!


Awesome! You replied using email! That’s pretty neat :ok_hand:

Have a good time on the forum! :smile:


hello, @GreenBoi! welcome to the forum :smiley:
i’m trinity and i hope you have a great time on here!!


Hello nice to meet you!
I’m fatcat!!tag me if you ever need anything


Welcome to the forum, @GreenBoi

I hope have begun to look at topics and like some of those!
Tag me with the @ sign if you have any questions or want to talk! :smile:


id check out mental health and lgbt coding

theyre rlly nice and accepting (not that other people arent but thats like my new home now)


mental health topic