Hello! I am new!



Hello! I'm @AnonymousBox and I'm new! What can I do on the forum? My hopscotch name is AnonymousBox, check it out!


Hello! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum!
If you ever need help tag me, like this; @GoatLord!


Okey! Thanks. What can I do on the forum?


Welcome to the forum! Here you can do collabs, ask for help with coding, and so much more!

Here's the community guidelines, I suggest you check these out.


Okey. I think I already have friends here now!


Here are some cool tricks!
becomes text
becomes text
becomes text

You can post links and images with buttons on the post menu.

How to do headings!


The more hashtags, the smaller the heading.
The hashtag has to be on a new line or it will be a topic tag.
You can tag people like this, and they get a notification: @AnonymousBox
You can link to a topic category thing, called a tag also: #hopscotch
By putting ::tag on the end of the hashtagged thing.


I have test




Welcome to the forum, @AnonymousBox! :D

I like your username, it's really unique, but it still has a nice ring to it. :D

Here, on the forum, you can talk to, invite, tag, notify, collaborate with, communicate with, help, get help from, and even play games with other Hopscotchers, or maybe, some people who aren't hopscotchers. XD
You can do a lot more stuff, but those are a few things that popped into my head first. XD

Helpful links!

Community guidelines!

A forum tutorial by Anonymous, and discourse!

If you need any further help with anything, just ask! The community and/or I will be happy to answer any questions that you need answers to. :D

Again, welcome! XD
I hope you will have a wonderful time here!


I looked at your profile on HS. Woah.
You can do really cool fonts and awesome backgrounds.


Oh, Thanks so much.


I feel welcome now! Thanks


Thanks for liking my project!



That project is awesome! I like the colors and font thickness, it's really cool (I looked at it, and I like it, but I forgot to actually like it. XD) (I liked it once I noticed that I forgot to. XD). :D


Woah mate!
A follow from SS!
Guess who doesn't have that!
Good job, mate.
And it took me at least 8 weeks before AHC followed me.


Ok. Now I do have a follow from SS.
Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes!
You are one of the most awesome trail artists on HS.


Thank you, @GoatLord! :D
Your projects are really cool. :D


I will be so happy if I get a project on trending!


I most eat breakfast now! Bye. I maybe be back later.


Thanks for putting me in your bio!
I think thats the first time I have been in someones bio!