Hello I am new to the forum


Hi, I am FloatableHorseshoe and I am new to the forum. I know @OnceUponATime irl, and she bugged me to make an account until I relented.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome! I have no copy-paste response to this message but im sure someone will in a sec (no offense :P)


@OnceUponATime hiishshmssjbznsk


hey theeeere





lemme tell you a secret
we dont have the regular rank that @OnceUponATime @Kitty4U and like everyone on the forum does
so that means

we’re special


Welcome to the forum!! Do you have a Hopscotch account? :DDD


I don’t rlly want my regular title but it won’t let me change it


Onnie is the best person you will ever have met
I’m her online friend, welcome


wish i could help you but idk how in this version of discourse :stuck_out_tongue:


•∆• ok
@smishsmash and co © are the best people you will ever meer


Smishy and co © includes
smishy/smish/smisma/etc (@smishsmash/@smishy/me)

Sammy/sham (@shamrockcat)
Fefe/Fearless (@FearlessPhoenix)
Ll/Frienpai/Ally (@LazyLizard)
treey/cheerio/studiosy (@treefrogstudios)
onnie (@OnceUponATime)
kitty (@Kitty4U)
starry (@StarryDream)



thank yous


i think u forgot smudgey on ur list of nicknames


Hello there @FloatableHorseshoe and welcome to the forum! You can tag me at any time if you need any help. Just type like this @William04GamerA and I will help you!


not sure why i find this so funny




Hia Helloa Heya Yoa :heart: :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


I already know @OnceUponATime were friends :slight_smile: