Hello! I am new to the forum, not to hopscotch though!



Hi, I'm new to the Forum. I'm not new to actual Hopscotch though, I be been on since August 2015. You can follow me there at Mixed Emotions. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! Anyways, if you want to ask we any questions go ahead! I am a girl, I love Videogame and YouTube. Bam.


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help be sure to @ me, like this: @paydent12. I'm sure you'll have a great time here. We have a few key rules too:

1. Stay On Topic

2. Make sure it's related to Hopscotch

3. Be nice!

4. Search Before You Post

Before making a topic, be sure to search that topic using the gray magnify glass in the upper left corner. If you don't find it, then you can make a new topic! We do this to keep the forum less clogged up.


also, here's a like: :heart:️. I ran out of mine for the next day. :confused:


Welcome to the forum @Lauren_Is_Weird (huh, weird name (lel accidental pun))!

We :heart: Hopscotchers! Hope that you have a good time!

Follow the community guidelines (made by Discourse/THT)!


Hi @Lauren_Is_Weird!

Here's the community guidelines!

Here's some cool tricks!

Welcome to the forum! :D


Welcome to the forum, @Lauren_Is_Weird! :D
Everyone else pretty much covered everything. XD


This is what you will see under another person's post.

If you tap/click the heart, you will like a post.

Like a post if you agree with it, if you want to tell the creator of the post you saw the post, if you like the post, and many other reasons.

The link will link a post.

To link the post, tap/click the link, select all, copy, and paste into your post!

If you tap/click the flag, it will flag a post.

Flag a post of it...

  • Violates the Community Guidelines.
  • Is rude or offense.
  • Is spam.
  • Is inappropriate.

A flag will send a notification to a moderator, or admin.
Once the flag has arrived there, the Mod/Admin will decide to delete the post, or accept or dismiss the flags.

If a post has been flagged multiple times, the post will be hidden.

The bookmark (little flag-like thingy but not exactly a flag, next to the actual flag.), will bookmark a post.

When you bookmark a post it will show up in the bookmarked section in your profile.

Bookmark things that you need to remember! XD

You will see this under your own post.

The pencil will allow you to edit your post.

The flag and the chain will do the same thing as the flag/link for another's post.

The dots will allow you to delete a post, and create a wiki post (everyone can edit and see edits, you will unlock this once you're a regular/trust level 3. XD).


welcome to the forum!

And FYI, I'm weird too! No such thing as normal in my opinion.

Anyway, if you need help or want my attention, just type "@KVJ" and I'll be notified. I would then come ASAP! I'm also on the Friendly Mass Tag list by Rawrbear, in case you need lots of Hops' attention!



Hi! Welcome to the forum!