Hello? I am new, some help please?


Umm yea so what am I supposed to do?


Hi! This is where we talk about Hopscotch (a coding app that I assume you have,) and other types of coding and art :D

Just remember to stay on the topic of Hopscotch, be nice and appropriate, and keep personal info private.

You can tag me like this: @treefrogstudios if you ever need help with stuff :3


Tfs, I told them the basics in my GT. Cuz you're a better teacher than I will ever be, why don't you tell them how to do stuff like blue text etc?


Cool! And thanks :D

Uh, okay! :3

@Twizzler, if you want to make invisible text, just put an "<" sign and a ">" around it. If you put just the letter A in there, everything visible you write after it will be blue! There are quite a few tricks you can do with that, like using the letter S to cross things out.

If you want to know other stuff like polls and folders, just tag me :3


Nice username

I like Twizzlers
And welcome


Welcome to the forum @Twizzler! I hope that you will have a great time here!


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!


Hi, I'm @IKeudin. If you need any help, feel free to tag me and enjoy the Forum :blush:


Awesome pfp
Welcome to the forum @Twizzler


Me or Twizzler?!


Hey :D hope you have a wonderful time on this forum!!

DM means direct message, HSF means hopscotch forum, HS means hopscotch, but you know that by now, probably :P


Hi @Twizzler! :grinning: I see you have been pretty keen on joining in! (I think you've been really lovely :smile: and I laugh while reading your profile bio :joy:)


Thanks t1_hopscotch! I have really enjoyed this forum so far!

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