Hello, I am new here


Hello, I’m new here. What is this forum about?


you seem suspicious


How so? Please don’t accuse me of anything without proof.


You talk like @Player or @Petrichor


Who are they? I just joined.


Player is a troll and nindroid is a nice guy


…how’d you hear about the forum?

You seem awfully clueless which makes it seem like you are pretending.


i think he’s @Petrichor


It is on the Discourse website.


i said the same thing while creating a fake account once stop


I don’t even know who Nindroid or Player are. I am not a fake.


what is a nickname that i don’t want people calling me by?


hmmm? i bet you know nindroid :slight_smile:


Kay cool where is your main account On?
Which forum?


You must have completed the longgggg tutorial…:thinking:


Welcome! What’s your hopscotch name?
lol we know who you are ok
Don’t try fooling us


It is about stuff lol :joy:


How does he seem suspicious too u


I can kinda see why you’re suspicious, but chill out, guys. Don’t jump to conclusions, because if this is a new person, then this isn’t a very good welcome. Anyway, welcome to the forum, in some capacity.


Yes welcome to the forum I am sosorry i was just saying that you don’t seem suspicious