Hello I am from Hopscotch


Hello. I do not speak great English or polish, I’m from zlotow Poland and was born in Rostock Germany. So I am bad at polish and English. Sorry for bad grammar, and I like to code.


This is a lot different than Hopscotch(app)!


I hope I will get better at English on here…I moved from Germany to Poland last year and am bad at English and polish. I am a failure.


Welcome to the forum!

Yep! It’s basically a place where users can come to talk with other users and get help with code.

That’s okay, this forum might even help with learning English.


Thank you a lot! I hope it will help me learn also.


You’re not a failure. Actually, from what you’ve posted, I think you’re pretty good at English!


I am glad you think that! I was worried that I didn’t make sense.


Hey welcome to the forum :sparkling_heart:


Hello, thank you welcome also. I am glad that I am here.


Hallo, ich bin BabyButterfly und hoffe das Forum gefällt euch !!!
(Hello, I’m BabyButterfly and hope you like the forum !!!)
(If things get really bad, you can always just Google Translate things. Translate is how I know how to introduce myself in French!)
If you ever need anything just @ me @BabyButterfly.


Hi! Welcome to the forum!


Check #faq or ask @tankt2016 for basics maybe on how to use the forum
Also, welcome!


Hi. I am @GweTV
Tag me if you need anything!


Welcome to the forum! Yah me @Stylishpoopemoji33 if you need anything!


Your English is awesome! Wow I am impressed! I honestly thought you were a Naitive English Speaker! If you ever need any help, just tag me at @Silverdolphin!


No, your English is really good! About three years ago, I joined The Hopscotch Forum with really bad English skills, but Hopscotch has taught me so much English! I’m sure that you will improve both your English and your coding eventually :wink:

Just ask me if you need any help, and once again, you are not bad at English!


Thank you a lot! I am glad that we can relate to each other. You are also really really good at English!

I hope I can get better like you did!


I am sure you will, everyone here loves to help! If you ever need any help, I would love to guide and help you! I am pretty active so I should reply in the next few hours or so!


Thank you! You are that too, much better than what I was when I started.