Hello, I am a newcomer!



Hello, I am JellyBean. I am new to both the forum and Hopscotch. So below if you could give me tips and some help that would be greatly appreciated! Also you can call me Jelly or JellyBean or whatever I don’t care!


Hello, @JellyBean! As you can see, you got a notification because I tagged you. To tag a person, just type the @ sign then their username.
Here are some things that might help you:


Hey @JellyBean! Welcome, I’m new too so I’m hoping we can be friends. :slight_smile:


Hi @JellyBean I’m Ducks_Happy Ducks are happy on the app but you can call me ducki if yo ever need help just tag me @Ducks_Happy


Thank you guys! @PositivityTree also yes we can be friends!


hey :)) welcome to the forum! if u ever need help feel free to tag meee!!


Hey @JellyBean! I recommend these two topics for getting started with The Hopscotch Forum and for getting started with Hopscotch:


Welcome, @JellyBean
First of all, thank you to @William04GamerA for recommending both of my topics, one for newer forum users and one for hopscotch users! The forum one is probably is a really good one for you, if you would like to check it out for further information!!

I can tell obviously you know how to make topics, which is a good thing! I can also see you know how to like! You even know how to reply!! I have seen that you have made a GT! That is a great thing to chat with some forumers/hopscotchers, as well as announce when you have put in new projects and stuff! Something for you personally I would recommend is creating a bio! Check out this topic for a really detailed and well-explained tutorial on how: A guide to Preferences

Lastly, if you have not yet, make sure you go to the “latest” tab to check out the latest topics, and like/reply/read some of them. Also check out some of the other prominent categories, like Meta-Forum, Meta-Hopscotch, and also check out the Collabs, Requests, and Competitions!
It would be great to join a club or competition just to see what they are like! Hopscotch and forum clubs are super fun and great if you are always bored!!!

I hope this helped! Please do not hesitate to tag me if you have any questions! I am not sure if you know how to do this, but you can do this to any forumer by putting an “@” sign over their username. For example, to tag me you would have to do @Swati_Bang. What this does is basically notify the person you are attempting to tag and direct them right to the post where you tagged them when they come onto the forum!!
:smile: Have fun!!


hey there! if you need any help, just tag @claw33.(or anybody else who said that)