Hello, Hopscotchers!

I am Hazelnuts! I love Hazelnuts! I hope to see you on the forum!


Hey welcome! Here take this essay…

Welcome to the forum!

There are lots of fun things to do on here! To check out the latest conversations, click the latest tab!

Things to remember!

Always be nice - no one likes being treated badly! Treat people the way you would wanna be treated!

Don’t start flamewars - This one’s obvious, but don’t start flamewars. Flamewars are basically HUGE arguments in topics!

Don’t tag too much - people don’t really like it when their constantly tagged! You can tag people every once in a while, but not every post! :wink:

Ask for help when you need it - Don’t keep wondering if your program will stink! Ask for help!

The trust levels!

@trust_level_0/New User - The starting level for everyone.

@trust_level_1/Basic - This one you will get quick, it gives you basic features for everything!

@trust_level_2/Member - Not much of a difference, but a couple new features! It unlocks after being on for a few day.

@trust_level_3/Regular - This one’s a hard to get! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts, but this proves your a real hopscotcher once you get it!

@trust_level_4/Leader - Only staff can have this right now. (Users used to be able to get leader, but not anymore.)

P.S. you can tag me any time!


Hello there! Welcome to the forum
If you ever need help just tag me by doing this: @Lisa1045

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Hello, nice to meet you!
Here are some topics to help you learn how to use the forum:


Hey @Hazelnuts! Welcome to the forum. What is your Hopscotch username?

Welcome to the forum, @Hazelnuts!

Here are some topics you should check out to get started with the forum:

You can also type @discobot start new user for a qick tutorial!

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Hello there and welcome to the forum! I hope that you will like being here!

Lol @William04GamerA @CreationsOfaNoob @MR.GAM3R @sophia @Zachyswag
This is a joke account made by @HappyDolphin this is just a spam
Iike account


I saw her say on Gobli’s topic that this was her spam like account. I just forgot where I had seen it. I welcomed 7 accounts that day.

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What? Why was I tagged?


becuase you welcomed @Hazelnuts and they’re not new…


Oh. Well um ok :/


So @Hazelnuts is not new? Well, hello @HappyDolphin / @Hazelnuts!


Oh! This is a really an inactive topic. So I brought it back!

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Hey, there @HungryBunny2020
Topics like these aren’t allowed much anymore, due to new guidelines. Here is a topic that shows the current guidelines!

Meantime, @FRENCH_WAVE123, clive?

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Nobody came back lol


I cannot read apparently