Hello from Tracey!

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I am so excited for that!


Yeah, that’s true - video game wikis have a broader audience and aren’t focused on education. I’d imagine writing educational content should be delegated towards the most experienced Hopscotchers.

I’m thinking, maybe it could be a closed wiki that very popular Hopscotchers can edit who know the ins and outs of their works, as a means of verification and validity of information, but by no means does that by itself make it a factor for who should edit such a wiki. (Content needs to be clear and legible, and understandable for the audience it will receive.) I do think it could allow for some more variation in content however, and edits to code and/or explanations wherever need be.

I was referring to game wikis in my post, which is why in any case, your points are valid – I think you could definitely make a good official resource that can help beginners! Though, another example is a modding wiki – I’ve seen one game wiki that is maintained and barely held up by just one to two people – so if anything maybe you could gauge interest to see who would be willing to edit such a wiki to split the workload and make it easier for yourself to maintain.

Anyways, here’s another example - if this was an opportunity I had, I would try really hard to explain sine and cosine definitively, haha. I’ve seen posts now and then asking about it. It’s a forum post I’ve wanted to pull off but it’d take a while to do so. If anything, it’s another suggestion for you, but also something I’d be willing to help with if it were a wiki haha.


I can’t wait! ツ


I wonder how many people realize you can do the same thing with broadcasted messages as well…

{Any object}
Broadcast message named (msg + ‘clone index’)

{object with clones}
When I Get a Message (msg + ‘clone index’)

Yeah I have been using that recently, for clones to communicate with themselves — hadn’t really tried it for other objects communicating with certain clones yet though^^