Hello from Tracey!

Hi! I’m Tracey. I’m working on video tutorials, the Hopscotch documentation site, and other content to help people learn Hopscotch, as well as advance your coding and game development skills. I’ll also jump in and answer questions that I can help with.

Let me know what particular topics you have always wanted to learn more about, or that you might have had some struggles with understanding.

While we may not be able to cover everything, and while different content may be geared to many different topics of interests and different areas of experience in the Hopscotch community, I’ll definitely keep your input in mind while I’m creating materials.

We do have content lined up for you, so stay tuned! (We are aiming for a bit later on in the year, with the first batch of content that I am currently working on, but I wanted to give you a heads up, in case you see me around the forum answering questions and you were wondering.)


Hey! I’m super excited to hear about it :)

I think it’d be great to learn more about clones and object variables, and how they could be used!

Will the documentation site be a wiki?


ooh cool, welcome to the forum!

will this be in a separate topic or in the vid created for hops?

i 100% agree, most of my friends don’t know that they could control one clone at the time with “if” + “clone index”

i’m honestly very excited!


Cool! Can’t wait for the new tutorials!


I said in my head when I saw this:
thaaaaats why t1 has mod persimmons. persimmons? permissions-”

but yeah great to see this!


Cool. Cannot wait to see the new tutorials. Best of Luck



Wow, can’t wait to see that content!


This might be to complicated to make a vid on but platforming mechanics (specifically collisions like those cool featured ones :))


@t1_hopscotch what is the link to the documentation site?


It is not a wiki at the moment, though I am wondering now if that would serve the community better — with Hopscotchers being able to contribute and me continuing to maintain it. We are including links to forum resources made by the community at the moment.

It is at https://help.gethopscotch.com It is an existing knowledge base in the process of being updated, and new content will be added.

I’ll add that to my list! Do you think you can give me some project links that have the kind of collision/mechanics that you have in mind? (Since there are a lot of platformers with different collision systems & mechanics, I want to be sure which kind of mechanic you’re referring to)

This is coincidental :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but it is part of what I am working on first! (Clones being the topic that I am currently working on, for the first set of videos.)

This is helpful to know — yeah it can be confusing to work with clones, and there are a lot of different aspects to it. And there is a lot of knowledge and techniques that are locked away in the community, that have kind of been informally passed on through looking at each others’ code, but not really easily available elsewhere yet. So I’m excited to be making these! I’ll have to consider more about object variables also.

I think we’ll decide when we are closer to releasing, but it will definitely be announced somewhere in the #videos category.


oo cool.

I’m exited


A wiki would be great because it can be updated with the addition of new features and paradigms! For example, with local variables coming soon, code could be updated on the wiki by a community member.

Of course, maybe there would have to be some sort of reputation system to prevent griefing and untrusted edits, but in the long run wikis can be really sustainable. (For instance, video game wikis are updated very quickly by community members when new content is added to those games.)

For resources, this may go the same. For instance, with projects, there are many old projects that might still work, but with the addition of the new engine and optimizations, older projects feel almost deprecated. There are still many good forum resources though for sure, and a portal for that would be nice. I suppose there are some forum resources that have kind of been abandoned over time which can still be useful.


You could make a topic into a wiki that has all project descriptions


Like t1 said, there’s a lot of different platformers out there, each with their own unique mechanics and/or collisions.

For example, mine uses object variables to determine the behavior of a platform upon colliding.

It would be nice to know what specific mechanics you’d like to see a tutorial on.


Wow, welcome back! I can’t wait to see what you will create and bring to the community this time :sunny:


ok, great!


i have some questions, but the time right now


Haha yeah they can be updated pretty quickly — I was a relatively avid contributor to a video game wiki in recent years, so I am pretty familiar with aspects of that process. I guess the main differences that might make a wiki less effective, here, are that

  • there are particular concepts and powerful ideas around computing that we want to highlight in the educational content, and I think in this case, probably a Hopscotch team member with knowledge of the app’s vision/goals (and with access to new features) might be more well-placed to bring out the intended ideas

  • I’m guessing you’re referring to video game wikis with very vast player bases, and not every app/game has that player base size, with games tending to attract larger audiences than apps. I think if there was a wiki for this community, it would be updated less frequently than you might be anticipating.

    E.g. It does take a lot of time for people to write up forum posts, and there aren’t always forum posts here on the newest content.

    Are you referring to wikis of very popular video games? (The video game wiki I contributed to was updated pretty quickly at times, but certainly not all of its content all the time — since it is run by volunteers essentially, who also have work/school/lives outside the game and are busy. And for that video game, I am estimating that it probably has a larger audience than Hopscotch from various publicly available statistics for both. The game is quite popular on mobile, but it is certainly not like a global phenomenon.) This is not to suggest that value is based on popularity, but that the circumstances for a community wiki platform might not be the same here on Hopscotch. That said, contributions on the forum are still very welcome and appreciated by the community.

Part of my job is to make sample projects, but I’ll be working more on that side of things a bit later on. (I am focusing on the videos at the moment.)


Just make a block wiki topic and add the “wiki” feature


I meant a topic and turn on wiki posts