Hello everyone!


Hello. I am new to the forum! I hope I can have a great time here!

  • Your new forum friend, Lemon


Hello there, and welcome to the forum!


Hi @Lemon! Welcome!! I hope you have a fun time here learning new stuff. If you ever need help you can tag me (@Intellection74) which gives me a notification.


Welcome to the forum!!

Here’s a few things you should know:

  • Most new topics should relate to coding ;D

  • Sharing your voice or pictures of yourself is not allowed here :)

  • If you want to view someone’s profile, just tap/click on their profile picture twice! (Their profile picture is at the top of all their posts) :D

If you have any questions in the future, you can notify me by typing: @lollypopcorn
And I’ll answer! :D


Hey Lemon!
I look forward to seeing the topics that you create!
Here are some tips -

  • Be sure to search topics before creating one
  • Always ask questions, and aim to learn a lot
  • Be kind and respectful of anyone’s opinions, even if you disagree

I hope that you find the forum a friendly and interesting place to have intelligent discussion about coding! Have fun!


Welcome to the forum @Lemon! If you need any help, you can tag me by typing @William04GamerA!


Welcome @Lemon! Tag me anytime


Welcome, @Lemon. Do you have a Hopscotch account?


Welcome to the forum!


Hi, @Lemon! Welcome to the forum! If you ever need my help, Just type in @FluffyMice and I will see.


Welcome to the forums @Lemon! Sorry I’m a bit late, but anyways, here’s some tips!
This is a forum run by @discourse. You can use HTML Code on here. Here are some cool things you could do.
Isn’t this text cool? All you have to do is use < big > and to end it you use
< /big > (with no spaces)

Isn’t this text awesome? All you have to do is, with no spaces, < small > (Whatever you want to be small) and then you type < /small >

And the last one,
Isn’t this text amazing? It looks just like a button! All you have to do is type, yet again with no spaces, < kbd > and then when you want to finish it < /kbd >

Here are some really cool topics that you might want to check out,
• Community Guidelines
• The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch
• “Official” Mass Tag List (OMTL) To use this easily, you can also tag the OMTL by doing this, @ OMTL, with no spaces
• Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 11 [Official]

And remember, if you need any help, just tag me anytime at @Allyb!
Hope you have fun on the forums! :blush:


The post doesn’t seem to be working lol :joy: