Hello everyone! I'm new here!


Hello everyone, I’m new here! I’m very excited to be apart of this community!
:blush: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there @PureExistingLove!! Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! :D
If you ever need any help, tag me like this: @Lollypopcorn
And I will do my best to help you! (^-^)
I hope you have fun on here!!! :)


Welcome to the forum!

Here are some topics to check out:


Welcome! This is a place to get to know each other and talk about Hopscotch. If you need any help tag me!


Hello! I hope you have fun here! i have no copy paste responses for you so just have fun posting :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello! Welcome to the forum!!


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, tag me ( @DaughterOfHades)


Welcome to the forum!


Hey! Welcome to THE FORUM! Tag me @FireGirl3Acer if you need help!


Hello… I’m Kitty4U. The crazy person. Dont get lost.


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s cool