Hello everybody !


Hello to everyone, very glad to join the forums. There are a lot of things for me to learn, hope you can help me. Thanks all !


Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

Also, is your username your real name?


Hi! If you have any questions, just @ me, like this: @WynterDiamond
You may want to read the community guidelines, to get a sense of what to post. Mostly, we are into coding and creativity, here. Most people are very kind, so don’t be afraid to ask about anything that you need help with :smiley:




Hello person :3 XD welcoms from all


Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! I’m happy to help answer any questions about Hopscotch or/and the forum, so if you need help you can ask me by typing: @lollypopcorn
If you typed it right, it will look like this after you post it: @lollypopcorn

Here’s a couple general things you should know-

  • Almost all topics should highly relate to Hopscotch, coding, creativity, or the Hopscotch forum :)

  • You aren’t allowed to share emails, your last or middle names, photos or videos of yourself, your school, your exact location, the names of your family and/or friends, or any other personal information. ;)

Have fun on here! The Hopscotch forum is a really cool website for us Hopscotchers to chat ;D


Welcome to the forums @PaulineSinclair!
This is a forum run by @discourse. You can use HTML Code on here. Here are some cool things you could do.

Isn’t this text cool? All you have to do is use < big > and to end it you use
< /big > (with no spaces)

Isn’t this text awesome? All you have to do is, with no spaces, < small > (Whatever you want to be small) and then you type < /small >

And the last one,

Isn’t this text amazing? It looks just like a button! All you have to do is type, yet again with no spaces, < kbd > and then when you want to finish it < /kbd >

Here are some really cool topics that you might want to check out,

Community Guidelines
The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch
"Official" Mass Tag List (OMTL) To use this easily, you can also tag the OMTL by doing this, @ OMTL, with no spaces
Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 11 [Official]

And remember, if you need any help, just tag me anytime at @Allyb!

Hope you have fun on the forums! :blush:


Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope that you will have a great time here!


Belated welcome! tag me anytime!


yo im smish, welcome


Hi! Welcome! I’m new here too, so we can learn together!:grin: