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Congratulations to your milestone! (mentioned in the top post) :slight_smile:


Alright, @Hi_people, I guess you just created a joke that will be used for centuries to come…
:older_woman:t2: What’s up? :older_man:t3:The sky!

:older_woman:t2: No, the ceiling! :older_man:t3: Hahaha!


Yeah. :joy:


:older_woman:t2: No, the opposite of down!
:older_man:t2: Hahahaha!


:older_woman:t2: Let’s try again, hi.
:older_man:t2: Low!
:older_man:t2::older_woman:t2: Hahahahahaha


Is anybody on?


Now I am.




What’s up???


The sky! Or ceiling, depending on where you are.

Hi —> low

I was making some crafts and got some hot glue on my finger. It huuuuurrrtts. Agggg


Or the sky and the ceiling.

Lol, I’ve got an awesome ceiling in my room that my dad painted and still has to finish (it’s been 5 years…).


I wish my ceiling was like that. It is…white.


What’s up people?


The sky or ceiling, depending on where you are. But if you think about it, the sky’s a ceiling too. Hmmmmm…


Airplanes are up. And clouds. And stars. And tree tops. And roofs. And … You get the point.


Hi people! RaNdOmNeSs BeLoW

The sky is up and blue.
I have 10 toes.
The year is 2018.


Is anybody here? I’m bored. @cheeseperson @tankt2016 you are my friend.


I’m on but I have 1% right now, and will be inactive all week, so…


Ok, hi! I hope you can read this before your device dies.


Um, my device died so now I’m on my phone. ; P