Hello & drawing request


Hi! I’m new

May someone draw me a pfp with the word POWA in it?


I’m sure it can be achieved what do you want ?


Welcome @POWA
I hope you have a great time if you need anything just tag me @FATTCAT




Ok @fattcat thanks

20 characters


Thank you

20 characters


You know how to fix that just do this < j> but with out the space


Woah it disappear on the preview! :scream:


What did???


The j

And how to check my messages? Look at my last 2 posts they say to check my messages


Look either on your notifications or email


Do you want me to draw you pfp???
If so how do you want it



I just want block letter saying POWA


Okay any specific colors ?!


Green black and whit maybe?



Doing < j > without spaces didn’t work.


Okay got it I’ll get it done ASAP


Do more than one letter lol sorry and byeeee


HI welcome!
I can do one
But I’m sure the fat cat is already doing that

I love username art

emphasized text


Yeah sorry I’m finished but I posted it on my gt