Hello, and welcome


Hello! How are you? Well, if you are reading this, it means you are new to the forum.

What is the forum?

the forum (hopscotch forum) was created by discourse. It was created to have hopscotchers make topics, discussing coding and clubs.

Phrases people use

Idk- I don't know
BRB- Be right back
RN- Right now
these are not all of the phrases, just some. You will learn along the way!!

Censored and blocked words

censored and blocked words are words that would not be used is a regular community. For example:
That word was bullying, nothing bad. Any blocked words are bad, and they are blocked for a reason.

Trust Levels

trust levels are levels that show how active you are on the forum. For example, if you are brand new, you are a new user.
Trust Level 0- New User
A new user has limited replies and limited likes. This is to make sure your account is not an account created for spam or advertisement. This trust level states you have not posted yet.
Trust Level 1- Basic User
A basic user still has limited likes and replies. A basic user has replied to one post, or created a topic. The replies are still limited to 10 replies.
Trust Level 2- Member
Members have an unlimited amount of replies, but they do have limited likes. Members have been a part of the community for a period of days.
Trust level 3- Regular
Regulars have been in the community for a period of months. They have read twenty thousand posts and have been on for fifty days. Regulars have more likes, can go into lounge topics, and can make wiki posts. They can also edit titles.
Leaders are members of the community that have been on for a LONG time. They are extremely powerful on the forum.

Community Guidelines

community guidelines are the rules of the forum!
I hope this helped you!

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@Refugeecat123 This might help a little

Forum Help for Beginners


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