Hello again! πŸ‘‹ ~ SlimeyPancakes



Hi everyone. It’s SlimeyPancakes. I haven’t been here for quite a while, mainly due to school, JavaScript and learning English. I have become more fluent in English and I actually sound like an actual person, not a robot :joy:
Anyways, it is good to see you again. I won’t be active but I just wanted to pop in and say hello :upside_down_face:
PS: I love the new features :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, welcome back :D


Welcome back to the wonderful world of wonderful coding wisdom! In other words welcome back to the hopscotch forum


Hi @DMF and @HopedHoper


Hi @SlimeyPancakes! :hugs:


Hi @Allyb! How are you?


I never updated my bio to now say I’m 14 lol :joy:


I’m good :stuck_out_tongue:






Hi! I don’t think that we’ve met, but welcome back :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome back to the Forum.

I don’t post here very much but if someone needs something, I respond.

Please let me know if you need anything and I’ll be right there to help.


Hello @SlimeyPancakes.