Helicopter Rescue! 🚁



My 3D game is finally out!

Please write what you think about it! If you didn't play it, please do!



I will have more to add later :sunglasses:

EDIT: I'm sure that my above, one-word response, "SWEET!" seemed a little anti-climactic to you, @MagmaPOP, after so much effort that you have invested in your latest creation. Sorry. Hopefully, I can make up for that here. I just needed to get to my computer, but I couldn't resist the temptation to be the "first responder" to your anticipated release. So, I'm going to write things, in no particular order, as they come to mind:

1. First, I really like that you posted an announcement. Some may disagree that it is an attempt to get attention; but I actually like it, when someone has something extra special to share and they provide an opportunity for us to ask questions about how it works. That just seems... "right" to me. A great way to use the forum. So... um... thanks!

2. Second (kind of redundant, since there's a "2" there, huh, isn't it?) I think your project illustrates several things that will ultimately lead to the evolution of Hopscotch itself. Let me explain. So... we wait quite a while to get a blended color screen at the startup. It's charming that there is a technique for that, but... well.. at the tisk of diverting into a "Hopscotch improvements" discussion, I'd really like to see a Background [] command of some kind that doesn't require deliberate, coded loops and what not. At least solid colors! But wouldn't it be uber-sweet if it also had a blended color from one HSB color to another HSB color, right in the Hopscotch language? So, what I'm saying is that I like the background - the "water" I guess. I think it really helps make the game pretty, but it drives home another point for me. That's goodness. The other thing (lumping these improvements ideas together) is that we really, really will have something nice on our hands, once we have more sound options, in due time. I love the creativity and the effort in making background music, and, from what I heard, I can tell that, if other musical options were available, such as "Sound [waveform], [frequency], [duration]" were available, you guys would have just made it that much more awesome. You seem to have used the sound in the most fitting available way. So, on both counts, you're doing a great job pushing the limits of what we can currently do. Way to go! I mean, isn't that kind of the point? :smiley:

3. I like the pulsing "down arrow" feature and effect for your instruction / feedback panel. That might seem random, but it's not. It's a nice touch.

4. I like the way you control the direction of the helicopter, guided by an arrow. That's cool. I think that might be the coolest part of the game, from a coding point of view.

5. I like the little waves on the water and the way they scroll. around.

6. I like the game idea itself. I like that the game is about doing something constructive. I am guilty of making a lot of "shooter" type things in the past, but those are aggressive and kind of destructive. Here, you've got a game in which the object is to do something heroic by saving people. Not shooting them. Nice.

7. Of course the 3D helicopter is cool. There are some difficult people who will protest that it's "not really even 3D", but to them, I say, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Or just "Have some imagination! Live a little!" I really appreciate the clever way you've put the pieces together to get your 3D effect. It's great! That's the sign of real creativity, brilliance, resourcefulness.

And, from you, I would expect nothing less!

Now... you know what I would be tempted to do?

  1. Make the helicopter steerable by iPad tilt. I"m sure you already considered that.
  2. Provide power-ups for additional flight time. Something floating in the water that adds some number of seconds, if your shadow hits it or something of that sort.
  3. Oh! How about this! It's random, but... what if there were "sharks" in the water? And you had the chance to save people from them... just in time?! Or maybe, when your shadow hits them, they go away. I guess, technically, what I'm saying is that your "points" system (the people) could have an expiration condition on them.

So, besides all of that stuff, I think it would be really cool, if you have the time to tell us what you think the "hard" or "clever" parts were with this code and what, if anything, you think you learned from making it.

Is that even close to the kind of feedback you are hoping to get?


Cool game but I think you should add some more time


Are 3 minutes not enough? @Work_kids_coding


The controls are a little hard to use (at least for me, maybe I'm doing it wrong..)


They are hard for me to use too.


They are enough if the controls were better


Thanks for the first "real" review I got, oio. :sweat_smile: All the feedback you gave is super useful. Also I'm happy that you didn't have a problem with the 3 minutes thingy. I think a game has to be challenging to be fun. Opinions... Yay...
The most challenging things with the project were the "3D" models... Because hopscotch is kinda 2D. I don't think I learned anything new except for the infinite water background. This project was kinda an accumulation of my recent projects.


I like the three minute thing if you would make it more controllable I think it is the most awesome game in hopscotch


@Work_kids_coding I will make a 1.1 version of the game where I try to fix all the mistakes I made... :sweat_smile:


OK good I am so excited


Oh and @MagmaPOP do you think we could collaborate and make a project together


Not right now... I have to take a brake after the Helicopter project... Kinda exhausting! :sweat_smile: The Helicopter Rescue 1.1! Is out btw... @Work_kids_coding


@MagmaPOP, is this the game you're going to pick a song too?


You are so welcome, @MagmaPOP.

And I want to thank you for the super-creative work that you do that adds to the fun for me of learning what can be done with Hopscotch. Sometimes, I just think, "I wonder what new thing MP has cooked-up. I think i'll go check it out!" I bet LOTS of people think exactly the same thing. This 3D helicopter idea is a great example of that. And if you're like me, you probably have a head full of ideas and just not enough time to try them all!


@Qubertion it is the same game with better controls.... So there no need for a new song! :wink:


I really liked your game overall. It took me a little bit to figure out how to rescue the person though. I kept passing over him, and after a couple tries I figured out that you have to tap the helicopter. I liked your background music too. It really fit the game! I agree with @Giraffedolphin26 and @Work_kids_coding that the controls were hard to use, especially when turning all the way around.


I personally really like your game. Somtimes I have no idea how games like that can be on hopscotch. Great job MagmaPOP! Your one of my favorite Hopscotchers :wink:

What was your first post on forum?

I really enjoyed your game @MagmaPOP!

The graphics are beautiful, and it functions very well. I find it fascinating how you did the arrow and the person...

The only problem I had was that sometimes the helicopter lowered when I tried maneuvering it.

Overall, great job!


Hi MagmaPOP! Firstof all, I really like the 3D element of the game. Second, it is a really fun, unique and awesome game! P.s. How do you make the3d thingy