Height and Width Glitch with Older Projects


Version - 12.2
iPad 5th generation
Current version of Hopscotch

Width and height of objects warped with new update from old project

This version:

Previous version:

What happened?


That’s weird… I think THT diminished the amount of whitespace around the objects or something, maybe it has something to do with that?


I remember reading in the HS update:

  • The shapes are more shapely and no longer have padding around them. This will make set width and Height Waaay easier to use.

I’m not sure what that means, but I think that might be the reason


It’s what tankt and FunDardo said

I had this problem with Trip Up Sticks, the width and height got all weird


Hmm… weird. I haven’t coded much with the editor after the update, but what the other users are suggesting seems reasonable to me.


Have you restarted the project?
Sometimes something similar happens on the first play, though this may not be it.

If it were the new shapes, wouldn’t they be bigger anyway?


I tried restarting the project multiple times, the sizes did not change.

That’s right, but the Height and Width dimensions might have changed as well.


Yes, the new update included “easier to use width and height blocks” so that means those now have different measures


It’s not the shape size (new shapes are different objects). Set width and height just adapt to set image now. Meaning if you set a text object’s image to square, the set width and height will be based off of the square not the text anymore

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Interesting. I think this might be our explanation.

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I think so too, but your difference seems marginal. New things are smaller than before – I believe it is the scale being used

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What scale are you talking about?

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Scaling used to set width and height, each object has a baseScale or default size, and old shapes have padding. Just change them to the new shape and their size will set exactly to the width and height specified