Hei Hei Hei! Its Malie-Foxie!


Hey guys :D It's Malie... And if you haven't noticed yet, I haven't been very active at all... And I guess I'm going to make it official. I'm lea.ving. You guys have been such an amazing part of me, and I'm still going to come on a little, but here's my reasons. And some secrets I'll spoil.

@Zawn was my alt account not my cousin. I did some good coding on there so check her out.

I follow tons of people on hopscotch on Instagram including LP, OS, KC, PT, TI, CB. Yup, go ahead and ki.ll me for it.

@nomnom goes to @Maltese.

• I was working really hard to get leader. I know that sounds selfish and "you can be leader without the badge" but, without that to motivate me, I feel, bored? I guess on the forum. I believe that Kiwi did nothing wrong, and the THT will soon realize how hard it will be to moderate the forum themselves.
• I have too much life. I'm actually serious. I have swim 3 times a week for two hours, dance classes 2 times a week for 2:30 minutes, and two acting classes. And don't forget to add homework.
• Hopscotch was a phase for me, but I'm no longer in that phase. I need to move on, spread my wings :stuck_out_tongue:
• I feel hopscotch has made several mistakes in their choices, and I no longer enjoy coding on hopscotch. I can't stand the editor, I don't think I'll ever get featured now, and the subscriptions is unaffordable.
• Acting. You guys probably already guessed it but ya, I have six auditions over the next 3 days.

I don't regret anything about staying on the forum all night. You guys are like second family to me, your a peice of me. I love hopcotch so much, and I love the community too. Anyways, time for Shoutouts!

@Maltese Honestly, Malty, if I knew you in real life, we would be best friends XD You were the first person to welcome me to the forum and actually make me feel included. I loved late nights hanging out on the drawing topic with you. You are amazing, and keep being your awesome self :D

@Pingu Pingy you were the one who inspired me to draw. I love your art so much, and I wouldn't be where I am now if it werent for you. Thank you so much for that <3

@SmilingSnowflakes and @Bananadog for forever being my role model in art, coding and positivity.

@smishsmash because we were going to be co-leaders one day. You have such a good attitude, keep it up!

@Sweetlina @StarryDream @RubyStars for being my biggest cheerleaders. You guys mean the world to me <3

@AvocadoDont and @Waffle_Draws for being my biggest ship, and oml you guys are so funny and AMAZING at art :D

Thank you so much guys. I love you guys <3


Hey @Malie!
It's really nice to see you…GIVING ME A SHOUTOUT!:sweat_smile:


Um, frenpai, can I tell you something?


Sure :D


Please don't leave @Malie! We love you! Everyone is leaving and there is a crisis. Help!


my profile pic represents me rn

This the Great Depression all over again in HS forums


No offense happypersok, but j never interacted with you, how do you know me XD


Malie I really wanna say that I suggest you to just take a break and Hopscotch when you wanted to.
And pls don't give yourself expectations leike getting Leader and Featured and blah blah blah...

These things do not mean veree much. Seriously.

I Hopscotch for happiness

If you do not feel happy Hopscotching, you can always have a break.

But when you are giving yourself expectations that may not make you happy, you must put them down.

BTW, you can draw if you wanna take a break from coding!:smile:

And you do not need subscription!:sweat_smile:

Be happy, my fren!


There are many other things to do on da Forum other than moderating. And moderating while laif is forcing you to be busy is capital I Impossible! Just be a happy Regular, leike me!:wink:


I know everyone. Everyone is my friend!


You sure have a lot of frens @HappyPerson!:grinning:


You will forever be missed. D:

But I hope you continue to have a great time in life! Also I think you may follow one of my random Instagram accounts XD.

I don't think that it is against the rules to follow people on Insta, they just don't want people to DM one another. :slight_smile:


DM? Wut does dat stands for?:thinking:


Um, @Malie I swegged with da title LOL​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fir Malie:


Thank you for the shoutout

I will miss you

I hope you will remember me!


Oh, yes i follow you two. And I follow shivelight and we have had very deep conversations about badminton through DM. Whoops.


Yeah, Heheheheheheeheheheheheheheheh. I like friends!


Reminds me of friendship2468…


aww wow, thanks for the shoutout!! it means a lot <333

i can understand why you're leaving and definitely respect you for it!! i can see you have a lot to look forward to, everything you're doing looks so cool :00

always remember the ot3 :ok_hand:

good luck and goodbye!!