Heeeey I'm new here!


Koolm123 u will never find me

Hey I'm new hope you all like me I do not have hopscotch yet tho as I'm on Google play and I lost my old account but my mum said she'll get me a iPad for my bday on June 31st


Are you really new?

Welcome! Tag me anytime! Just type "@KVJ"!


I just read your bio and much woah! Thanks so much!


Hi! If you need me anytime or if you're bored just tag me like this @murphy1


That's ok yes I am definitely 'new' I like your projects

@XiaoMiaoMi it's a joke they no I can't find them they just don't realise that they already know me!


Ok thanks your really kind



@PopTart0219 should read it too!


Anything you want to know (: and thanks!


Welcome to the forum!
If you have any questions, or just need to talk to someone, tag me like "@BellaWafflez17"!
On the app, my name is iWaffle.
This is a great community, you'll love it here!


maybe I did tag u :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: turn around!


Mwah ha ha c u soon ... :eyes::eyes::eyes:sooner than u think!


Welcome to the forum @Squeezedemlemons :D
Have you ever had hopscotch before?


A new fren!
Old frens smell like soup. XD
Tag me as @AwesomeNachos! :D
Can't wait to get this partay STAAAARRTTTEEEEDDDD! :DDDD
as you can see, I'm weird. XD




Thanks so much! :slight_smile:
why do I have a feeling you're not new...


Lol yep...........cool


..........mmmmm idk....Why?

Dem tags do not kill a regular!


Welcome to the forum!

June 31st, huh? So you're going to have to wait until next year? That stinks.

You can talk about regular coding and stuffs here on the Forum. Since it looks like you've coded before, you don't need to panic. Also, there are random topics scattered about on this site that are just for fun.

You have 5 (or is it 10?) replies for your first day, so use them wisely!


Mwaaaah haa haa watch your back!:eyes::eyes::eyes:

@treefrogstudios I'm not mwah ha ha


@XiaoMiaoMi from me!

@KVJ no u will see me today u will seem
Me everyday


You have one more reply left

dun dun dun dun-dun