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So I have noticed a lot of people have been getting angry about the subscriptions. I understand that they might be getting new features first. But you can't be mad at Hopscotch for trying to stay around. I wasn't even worked up about the subscriptions at first, it was just that people were getting featured just because they subscribed. Even though I am not as mad now, (I had a realization Lolol) I think that is why a lot of people are sort of mad. I have to give Hopscotch props for not forcing us to pay, like taking AWAY blocks and features for Hopscotch free users. The main point of this topic is, Hopscotch was just promoting themselves by featuring the people with subscribtions. I hope and think that more normal projects will be featured again.

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Yup. Subscriptions are good. And and/or when blocks should be subscription features


Snape approves. Minerva approves. KVJ approves.


I agree and cool logo!:grinning:


I agree that too many people are complaining!


Dumbledore approves.


No. Dumbledores approve.
Albus approves. Aberforth approves. The rest of the family approves.



Scorpious agrees. Draco agrees.
Now BoT.


Yes, great topic!
I'm so tired of reminding people of this!


Yeah, at first, I was against it...but now I completely agree...