Heading to the Sunshine State



I'm going to Florida! I'll be gone for about ten days but I'll still be a little active, but mostly at night . Hopefully I'll be back and finish my Summer Extravaganza project! This topic was just to explain my inactiveness :wink:

See you next week!


first to reply! my aunt lives in florida and i was born in florida. but now i live in NYC!


LazyLizard says that if you go to a beach, you should shuffle your feet in the sand incase there are some unsuspecting stingrays there.

Florida is really cool, congratulations! Make sure to count how many salamanders you can find! We were there for a week three years ago, and our goal was to find 150 salamanders, at least.
We found 153! And we were only there for a week, too. DisneyWorld experience.
We are going for a week again in September! Universal experience.


thats impressive! was it the big salamanders?


Woah, have fun!!!!

We may be going to Florida after Christmas!


About 1/2–4/6 of a nine year old's hand.


Awesome! Pls don't get eaten by alligators Fren ;-;


I won't XD

I'm staying with my baby cousin so I'm just going to be spending time with her and playing patty cake for 10 days


Lol, ok. Have fun!


I will :0


Have fun in Florida! I have been on a vacation there, Florida is awesome! See you next week!


I lived in flordia

Have fun :D

I dont live in florida anymore, then I wont not be here.


Have fun! I :heart:️ Florida, but it took at least 19 hours for me to get there by plane.



I live in FL! :3

Some beaches you go to have lots of crabs and fish who bump into you for no apparent reason XD

So, I guess watch out for that? XD

Have fun! :3

There's also something called a 'sand bar' on some beaches, you go in the ocean and swim a little away from the shore, and it's an elevated spot where you can find lots of sand dollars, shells, and COOL STUFF :D

I might not be any help to you if you're not going to a beach but still XD


Oh kewl!!!!
Have a great time!!

although the real sunshine state is Queensland XD


The nickname forFlorida is the sunshine state lol


Have fun! I'll be in Florida from July 16-23! You'll still be there, right?


Lol yes I will be


Same with Queensland XD


Once I went to a North Carolina beach and I found a stingray :0