HCS announcement


Hi everyone. Recently, there has been some confusion about the role of the Hopscotch Coder Society. Therefore, we will change out function. From now on, we will simply hold weekly contests and grant the rank of Journeyman Coder and Master Coder. These titles will be difficult to get, but will hopefully give you more credibility. We are still working out the specifics, but for now everyone is considered a basic member. To become a Journeyman Coder, make a test project. The board of directors (what’s left, we have lost two members) will then test the first project. From then on, the member can choose a Master Coder to test them. We are working out what will happen after the test.

If you’re confused:

Goodbye, members of the Hopscotch community.


??? I’m confused, lol. What’s going on?

EDIT: First


I got the last one… but I’m more confused with this one…


What is HCS?



I guess a group of ‘Anonymous’ coders that have decided to come together and make a competition.
And make 3 topics when really they only needed to make one


I don’t get this! Are they saying goodbye, we are leaving? Or goodbye, this is the end of the text?


yeah. That is confusing. Okay people what is going onnnnn??? I am so confuzzled.


I love that word…
I’m going to take that as my own!!


So far I have


@Goobrgrlrye @stal98 what are you confused by?


I don’t know…

So you have to make a good project and then you will see if it is good enough for you to level up??


@Jordan you are definitely stalking me lol


I’m going with @sophia71205 on this and saying @Stal98 is up to this.


Hehe I’m just looking through latest


I’m not tho!
You tell them @HCS!
I’m not in your group of people!


HCS seems weird to me for some reason


What does dat means?


Tho what @Jedi4Jesus said made me very happy


They are saying they think I am @HCS


And @Jedi4Jesus too