Having your picture as your account pic. Is it wrong?



So, this might sound really wierd, but, I don't think it's right to have a picture of a real life pic of you as your account (drawings are fine, I have one). I think that because first, if you put the camera somewhere, someone could see in the background your house and stuff, or something wrong....
Second, I think because people would see YOU. Hopscotch is a friendly place to make friends and code, and to keep you identity a SECRET. That I have a huge opinion on.
I know I'm not an admin or something. I know it's going to sound a little bossy once it comes out but,
"May everyone please refrain from taking a selfie and using it as your pic?!"
That's it.
Sorry if I was rude.
You guys can collab with me and other Forumers about this topic.




You shouldnt show your pic as your face :D
Or something else ther people can use to identify you :)

But I think as long as people can't identify you with it it's fine.
Like I could post a picture of my toes in the sand/put it as my profile pic and I'd be fine!

But if I used my face as my profile pic then it wouldn't be ok here :D

It's unsafe and goes against the rules, you can do it in other media but not here :D
I agree :)


Yep. There's a rule against doing that.


I agree with you, but technically you're not allowed to make that choice for yourself until you are thirteen. Until then, it is a rule not to show your face. :)


I don't know about that rule....
I agree with you!


I want to make my own profile picture based off one of my selfies but I'm terrible at drawing...maybe there's an app for it


@AwesomeJediE , if you want, you can give me a detailed request and I could send it to you on here and I could draw it for you. If you want.


Ok! Thanks :smiley:

I'll do it on your requests topic


I'm at school right now, I can hopefully do it at lunch if I have the information. Breaks over, bye!

-Piper (now in literacy)


K... looks at clock WHAT! ohh, you probably live in a different time zone than me


This is what Liza said. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Liza said you can choose if you want to post yourself when you're thirteen or older. :smile:


Well, since it's hard to know who is 13 or not, we don't let anyone post pictures of their faces :slight_smile:


Yeah, I agree! And, @Liza, you are right. Nobody knows your real age, so if that was allowed you could just upload a picture of yourself and say that you are 13.

However, they are actually a profile here that has a picture of the person IRL.


If we see this, we'll have them change it! thanks!