Having problems with debugging in Visual Studio

When i use devenv win32_handmade.exe, it only loads the win32_handmade.cpp file as well as a the disassembly tab. I am unsure about how to view the other files in the project - opening handmade.cpp with file-open-file and set a breakpoint, visual studio gives me the warning “the breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this Document.”.
How do i work around that? when casey opens visual studio on stream, he always has all the project files open immediately.

I have another problem - when i want to use the live-code-editing thins, i get an error: "LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘win32_handmade.exe’ - however the error somehoe doesnt have any impact, the changes i make in the sourcecode still apply to the running program without any issues.

I use the exact sourcecode and build.bat file from the zip-file.
Can someone help me with this?

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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I think I might know something about this…

Arghh i forgot it!


I am not familiar with Visual Studio, sadly, but I will link your topic in a topic with people that might know Visual Studio. Also, welcome to the forum!