Haven't posted in long time here is what i've been working on!



So i haven't posted in a bit but i have played hopscotch here and there and i did create a couple things worth mentioning.
Emoja fight- a undertale like fight tell me if you want to see me add more to it

White Knight- Something i made while i was bored

And Suber another game i made just for fun

Yeah other than that its just been little small things, but i am trying to master 3d stuff and have been stuck on that for a bit. Any tips on ways to do that?(I mean 3d things like out of squares and stuff that are movable and not made from the draw thing)


I'm trying to figure out 3D stuff too, I guess gradient clones or something....By the way, your projects look pretty awesome!


I might be able to help you with 3D stuff. I used to experiment with that about a year ago, and I'd like to see how it works with self.


The way I have worked with 3D is to build boxes or geometrical figures using lines (__) for the edges. I might be able to help you, what are you going to make? If you scroll down pretty much on my profile William04GamerA you will find a geometrical figure (I think it is a triangle) made out of text objects (lines or ____). Tag me if you need any more help.


That is a intresting way of doing it but i have been playing around with clones trying to make a 3d object that i could code to move although is pertty difficult im still working on it


How do you make 3d objects


Clones. And self variables. And check if else. And text.


I have sorta got it now but do you know what language or text has the squares in it


Nope. I just copy and paste them.