Haven't been here for a WHILE



Eh you probably will ignore this, and that's alright! I haven't been coding/on here much, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm back! Here is a little video you can enjoy:


Yay! You're back! :D

Welcome back, @a10! :D

Here's a :D!

And a like :heart:!


Yay! Welcome back!

I love your coding and the community has been different without you!


Yay! Your back! We are so glad your back :D @a10
Now hopscotch and the forums feel complete again!


Ayayayayyayayaya! Yayaya? Welcome back!


Aww thanks everyone for the support! I thought that nobody would even open this topic!


I missed you ;D



Yay! Yay for the Matt Smith gif!


Who HOO! I am so glad you are back, I missed you so much!


^^^ credit to @SmilingSnowflakes for that


Here's a like :heart:! :D


Yay! You are back! I missed you!
@a10 any plans for what you will do now that you're back?


Hmm, I don't know, however my goal is to start coding a little more often than drawing :blush:


Hi! I never met you before! Nice to meet you!


Oh hey! I've seen you on the forum sometimes! :grinning:


I seriously cant believe I got 20 likes on this topic...Does the amount of likes have to do with April Fools Day :open_mouth: