Have you lost progress on a draft?


I'm seeing a few reports of Hospcotchers losing work on a saved draft. I need some more information so I can investigate the problem! So if you have lost work on a draft, please tell me:

  1. Your Hopscotch username
  2. The name of the draft you lost work on
  3. How many times you saved it before you lost work
  4. What were you doing the last time you saved it before you lost work
  5. How much work did you lose?

Thank you in advance!

My project got deleted 😭
Quiz help! The outcomes are confusing!

Are you talking about losing it in the past few updates or the most recent update??


The most recent update. If you are on the latest update and you saved a draft only to find that none of you work was really saved, let me know!



I have lost work before.

It wasn't on my -miniminion- account though.

I was creating a drawing pad on a collab account.

So I had quite a bit done already and I was adding an "HSB" picker and a mirror draw. I had to go somewhere and I closed the project.

I noticed that there was the loading symbol. At the time I didn't think much of it.

I came back later and all of the new code I had put on the project had just disappeared.


I think the only time I lost progress was when my account was glitching and not syncing between devices.

Nothing recent though...


I have not lost any work in the recent update.
Probably due to white showing up on my screen instead of the usual when I restart the project. I exit the draft then come back in. A error message came up, and when I restarted THAT it finally works.


Oh my god yes I've lost progress in a bunch of drafts but I can't name them off the top of my head


No, not really,
but the screenshots of my drafts are always inaccurate...


It always keeps showing the same exact picture of my draft, except sometimes when I close the app (sometimes).


I lost a draft, but that was a year ago. I was sad, but now I don't care much of it. It was a really awesome tapper game. All of a sudden, it deleted all my codes, and only the objects were left. Are you talking about any bugs people are having with the new update?


Thank you for addressing the problem. Luckily, my drafts haven't reverted yet (I've made more edits to what reversions have been made) so that's good. I hope this bug gets fixed soon.


Actually, if I think about the original question, yes, I once have, but it was a test one draft.


I did once before, but it was little, and have been careful since. I also don't know what it was called.


Hopefully y'all can fix this issue soon!


Thanks! It's not helpful, sorry, because I forgot most of this.


Cash told me she was making a texting project and she lost half of it


Your Hopscotch username: ThinBuffaloSr
Hopscotch iOS version: 3.14.0
The name of the draft you lost work on: jigsaw v0.1
How many times you saved it before you lost work: numerous
Date(s) of lost work: Jan 27-28, 2017. 3 separate occasions.
What were you doing the last time you saved it before you lost work: Individual code block additions/modifications, i.e. no new objects or events. The project draft was exited and opened. Hopscotch was closed and reopened. Changes were verified to be in place.
How much work did you lose? maybe a dozen blocks were changed, although the number of impacted lines of code doesn't adequately quantify lost work when the changes were troubleshooting a problem.
Additional Information: A deleted "untitled" draft keeps coming back as well.


This was a super long time ago, and the draft is probably lost by now? I managed to replace the work after it was lost.
Your Hopscotch username iWaffle
The name of the draft you lost work on #HHC2016 Halloween Catch
How many times you saved it before you lost work 2-3 times?
What were you doing the last time you saved it before you lost work I was using a few clones.
How much work did you lose? Maybe 3 hours of work?


I was working on my game when I went out to play some projects on featured
Then when I came back about half of my progress was gone!
Please help!
This has happened to mainly all my projects
And why I don't upload frequently