Have you heard the News



I hope you have hard the news. Yesterday and today and in the past 2 weeks about ■■■■
Instead of making a topic about praying each I had an idea of posting all the projects here so that when we get on this topic we can see projects about preying.

I want this topic to be a place where hopscotchers can pray for people that had been killed by "ISS" so pls no inappropriate things




I pray for the victims that went to a better place. :pray:


I pray that the families and friends of people who where killed will take the news okay and will be able to recover soon. I also pray for those who witnessed the killing and hope that they will not be angry with themselves for not doing anything and they will know it is not their fault.


This is good, but just remember not to get too negative :wink:


I'm off the tag list.
It's not your fault.

UltimateCoder tampered with it after he had messed it up.

Also, this is extremely inappropriate for younger kids.

Please do not bring this to Hopscotch.