Have you heard of us in Hopscotch



I'm wondering how many people know us in Hopscotch. I know we aren't popular, I'm just wondering.
This was inspired by @Purdue19's topic!

  • You're my idol!
  • I follow you and spam like you
  • I follow you
  • I like your projects
  • Heard of you
  • Might've heard of you
  • Haven't heard of you
  • Don't like you
  • Hate you


I'll check your profile out, just tell us your username!


Obviously I know you! Hey, @tankt2016!


Here's a like! :heart:

And obviously I've heard of you! :laughing:


Did you get this idea from me @tankt2016? :grinning:


Yes! I'll give you credit! And who said I h a t e you and don't like you?


You don't have to I was just wondering! :wink:


It's fine!


Weird but I have yet to run out of likes, only replies...


Well, we have been spam liking lately.


Well, out of the first 10 voters, only 2 gave negative votes!


You are also awesome @KVJ
And I spam both of you guys!!


Heard of you! Hello @tankt2016 !


Aww thank you very much, @MYD! You are awesome toooooo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excuse me, but who said you are my idol?