Have you had old usernames?


Well the title really says it all. What are your past usernames on hopscotch.? Post them below!




I've always been Bluedogmc! For a short period I changed it to Bluedogmc (:blush:) or something!

Cool topic!


Was my old name!

If you see my first project, then you will see.

Its because I liked rob the robot ;-;


I was 'CodiBear'. I like AwesomeNachos better.


My first username was Cheesie26.

I don't even know why I used that as a username! XD


Ive always had the username!


Well, on hopscotch I had: SugarSweets, THEONLYSUGARSWEETS, Lolz, lolz123, lolerz123 and then KoolM123. On the forum, it's always been koolm123


I used to be called hopster23


I can't remember what my first one war, something to do with marshmallows. Then I was DancingFrogfish105. Then StarWarsWeasly​:elephant:. Then The Green Banana.


On my first account, I was KarateMaster​:heart_eyes:!

Then I was SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes: on this account for a while.

But when I got my cat I changed it to SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:! c:


I've actually always been Creations Of a Noob.
For a period, I wrote "Made by Creations Of a Noob​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:" in my projects, but my username has been Creations Of a Noob since I came up with the name (it was back in the days when you had to write what your name should be every time you published a project)


I think at one point my current account was named 'CRAZZY RUSSIAN HACKER 2' cause my old account's name was 'CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER' and I lost the password. :(
Then I changed it.


2. PizzaGirl​:pizza:
3. PusheenLover​:cat:
4. KawaiiRose


Smishsmash was my old username
Crazy_cake is my current username D


(not in order lel)
hopscotch~king!(yesh da classic)
fox MASTA!!!(or was it wolf MASTA!!!?)


I'm thinking of changing my username.... Should I?

  • Yes
  • Nah


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I was MobCraft (on) and CraftingScotcher before, but both were short


Also, maybe I should change my Username every 2 months? If yes any suggestions?


My first username was Komplettverrücktjunge… it's changed a lot (!)

Elle XD


This is my history of usernames:
Ruben Ruben
RS studios
Programming studios
The programming team